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A Portrait of Breonna Taylor

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Breonna Taylor -posted Jun 2018

After justice is served (and I hope it is very soon), the placards are brought down, the protesters disperse, and the world is burdened with some other care besides justice for black lives, I'd like there to be a story that will speak about Breonna Taylor. The person, the lover of life and family, a hardworking, disciplined and optimistic African American lady, and of course, killed by the Popo when she was 26 years.

The story of her killing might get me more clicks, but the portrait I have created of her with my words, will bring honor to her. I chose to honor. Your imagination is my canvas; my words are my brushes; and my mind and her tweets are the paint. Ride with me and let's meet pretty Breonna Taylor.

Breonna Taylor was African American, and a very beautiful one. Beautiful, in and out. Bree, as she was fondly called by her family and friends would have been making preparations for a fabulous month of June (2020) when she'd be turning 27. She referred to her birthday (June 5) as

"Bree Day"

and had a strong believe that the year 2020 would be a great one for her. Her year. As early as November 2019, she already had plans and faith that this was going to be a great year for her. She was optimistic, set a goal, and had it written (a tweet).

Bree had a loving heart, and family was very important to her. She has a photograph of her mother as her Twitter page banner and spoke about her closeness to her sister who is now devastated at her passing. Families are not an easy bunch to manage hence many millennial and Gen Z's would rather not commit to having one of their own. They just want to be friends with benefits and trash the virtue of commitment. Not Bree. She was very loving and was looking forward to committing. She would have been a great wife and mother, as she was a daughter, and sister.

I'd never know what was going on in her life around Feb 19, 2020, but her tweets on that day makes me wish I had the opportunity to bring her on as a guest on my podcast, just so she could tell us more about herself. She tweeted:

I'm so cool and laid back, I really don't see how anyone could not like me…

and "I'm really sweet if you just take the time and get to know me…". I'll never know you as much Breonna, nor would I be able to portray you to the world as you'd like, but I'm taking some time to know you a bit, and you were right. There's some sweetness in your heart.

Bree would have been a fine leader, someone who was not afraid to take responsibility and blaze the trail for others. Her mother said she had dreams of being a nurse and really doing well in life. I think she might have gone on from being a great nurse, to being a leader of great nurses. They would have gravitated toward her naturally, because for anyone to modify their behaviors and relationships so they do not mislead those who might be looking up to them, they must have a heightened sense of selflessness. She once tweeted "gotta watch how you let men treat/deal with you especially when you got lil sisters/cousins looking up to ya". That's the kind of person people will like to follow.

Bree looked out for people; she was giving. She believed in the dignity of labor, and that is saying a lot to people who have biased stereotypes towards African American ladies. All she wanted from life was to be loved just as much as she loves. Many times and in many ways we love people who don’t have any love to give us back (or to give anyone else for that matter); but hoping to be loved back by someone who is so giving of love herself is not asking too much, Is it?

What she got from society is the part that many of us know the more about her. She was violently and brutally killed in the hands of the Louisville Police on Friday Mar 13, 2020. Reports tell us that about twenty rounds of bullets were fired into her apartment and eight she was it by eight of them. The policemen that barged into her apartment with a "no-knock-warrant" were looking for a drug suspect who never lived there, and had already been arrested by another team of police officers at the time they got to Breonna's apartment. Her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, was also at her apartment and shot back with his registered firearm because the officers did not announce themselves. He didn’t suffer so much

physical injury, but being the one who had to call Bree's mum to break the news, call 911, and probably clean up the physical and mental mess left by the Louisville police, he would have been hurt some

too. Today there's fury over her killing and loud calls for justice in major cities all over the world.

The family she loved so much will be devastated. Society is outraged. We'll never get to know the beautiful, strong, black female leader you would have become, but be rest assured that we peeped into your heart desires, dreams, and goals. We wont forget your name, and your heart.

Rest. In Power. Breonna Taylor.

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